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  • Dicaris Adult 33-Drugs

    Dicaris Adult®

    Active ingredient: levamisole
    $ 4.00per pill

    Dicaris® Adult is a synthetic antihelminthic belonging to the class of imidazothiazole derivatives, possessing potent immunomodulatory activity, which contains 150mg of Levamisole. It has been extensively used in dermatology practice for the management of various dermatoses ranging from infections such as warts and leprosy to inflammatory dermatoses such as lichen planus and Behcet's disease.

  • Dicaris Children 33-Drugs

    Dicaris® Children

    Active ingredient: levamisole
    $ 1.67per pill

    Dicaris® Children - anti-helminthic tablets, containing 50 mg of Levamisole. This antiparasitic medication works by suppressing the enzyme activity in the worm's muscle, causing its paralysis and death. This treats the infection.

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